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Neuromics (nər - ' om - 'iks): The study of the Neurome. By analogy to the genome, which is the collection of all genes in an organism, the neurome is all of the neurons in an organism. Neuromics is the study of neurons and their interactions.

The neuron is the basic cellular unit of nervous systems. Therefore understanding nervous systems entails identifying the components and how they interact. Recent advances in molecular, physiological, and computational techniques will enable researchers to build increasingly precise cellular wiring diagrams of the brain. The Center for Neuromics is dedicated to supporting efforts in this field through sponsorship of seminars and conferences and providing funding for students.

Center for Neuromics attempts to define a field
The Center for Neural Communication and Computation is changing its name and sharpening its mission, becoming the Center for Neuromics. Neuromics is analogous to genomics, said center director Paul Katz. “Just as genomics is the cataloging of genes and their interactions,” he said, “neuromics is the cataloging of neurons and their interactions. Neurons are the basic unit of the brain and the nervous system, yet currently our knowledge about how to categorize these cells is still incomplete.” Read more